“Relief” is the singularity of my paintings.

Present in the work as a plural organic entity in activity, it gives the impression of a subject in a story, like a character in a play.

When he does not act, he structures the subject.

My artistic approach tends to put into perspective fantastical and partially realistic places, atmospheres situations where the relief will play a major role. This is the basis both in the composition and in the theme of work.

The figurative elements serve as a support for the gaze while the abstract forms allow a poetic escape. An analogy is also visible between the reliefs and the constituent elements of the human body.

The reliefs are made using liquid glue as I cover the acrylic paint. This technique aspires to make the painting alive by the value it grants to the movement.

The correspondence “microcosm-macrocosm”, the similarity between the infinitely small and the infinitely large, the partial and non-essential resemblance between man and the universe, in short, the atomic basis of this world and of its surroundings, as well as the quirk of life are partly the source of my inspiration.

Abstract with suggestive appearance, I like to name my style “abstract-suggestive”.

Abstract for its strange and unusual aspects, suggestive for its concrete motives.