A French-Czech artist, Anna Zviebel was born in Chambéry – France, the 31 of July 1985. She has always evolved in a double culture and in contact with the two countries – France and Czechoslovakia, later Czech. Installed in France, his painting workshop is located at Motte-Servolex.

She spent her childhood and adolescence in a dynamic artistic environment that always pushed her towards new experiences and approaches to creativity, including music and theater.
In 2007, she moved to Lyon for 5 years. She will deepen her theatrical play at the School of Arts and Entertainment “ATRE”, at “Carré 30” and in MJC (associative structure) and works in the social environment.
Feeling the need to experience life elsewhere, she went to Argentina in 2012. She meets the tattoo artist Milton Almada and assists him in her creations: murals decorating his studio.
A year later, she turns to her first love: the theater. After auditioning, she became an actress in the theater company “FTFS” and moved to Ireland. During the week she plays on stage in the country and spends her free time painting at home in Dublin.
Back in France in 2014, she became aware of her interest in pictorial practice and found her style. She works the material directly on the supports to give relief to her works. She invents her own technique using liquid glue.
His first personal exhibition “The beginning” takes place in Prague, in the collective coffee ROH (meaning “from the corner” or being the initials of “Revoluční odborové hnutí” meaning “Revolutionary Trade Union Movement”).
She settles in the capital of the Czech Republic, her second country, from 2015 to 2017. She works in the “Zahradník Gallery” which aims in particular to exhibit documentary photography and historical photography. She became a member of the puppet theater company “Rodinné divadlo” and became a performer in all types of shooting, from cinema to advertising.
She became a member of the puppet theater company “Rodinné divadlo” who plays shows for children and adults and works in all types of shooting as an extra, from cinema to advertising. She meets many artists: Bob Hochman (painter, sculptor, musician) with whom she shares an exhibition in 2016, Jan Parkman (photographer), Jiři Ginzer (sculptor), Alena Vykuliková (photographer) … and exhibits in various places. Her studio where she did some of her works with organic aspects and her first brains is in Žižkov, a bohemian neighborhood east of the city center, occupied by artists of all kinds.

Back in France for a year, she expands her tastes by using new materials that bring a sedimentary aspect to her paintings. She experimented different aesthetics being animated by mastered geometry as well as free abstraction.